Realizing the potential of device technologies in cardiovascular and orthopaedic medicine

BioStar Capital's due diligence process is structured, unique, and comprehensive. It benefits from access to the leading minds in the field of device development, many of the same experts that the major med-tech companies use in later stage technology evaluation. Following initial review by the Managing Directors, our Medical Venture Partners (MVPs) meet with a potential portfolio company’s management team to probe deeply into the clinical, intellectual property, market and competitive issues in the opportunity.


Assuming the MVPs endorse further due diligence, one or more of the clinicians will work closely with the Managing Directors in a full evaluation of the company. Often this includes the MVPs contacting colleagues throughout the world to get the broadest understanding of clinical utility, the competitive landscape, and any regulatory and/or reimbursement hurdles. In concert with this review, the full BioStar Capital investment team reviews the potential portfolio company’s business and operational models, develops an understanding of its intellectual property, and assesses management’s capabilities.


This process is designed to result in a highly articulated strategy for a particular device and may involve convincing management that changing strategic direction and/or design characteristics of a device are necessary to align with market realities and capture the largest value.

BioStar Ventures Encourages Entrepreneurs to Apply for Funding

BioStar Capital Encourages Entrepreneurs to Apply for Funding

BioStar looks for technologies that:
Have clear regulatory pathways and defined reimbursement strategies
Are of interest to major medical device companies (strategics in the space)
Address unmet physician/patient clinical need and/or economic need
Have the potential to improve quality of life and longevity or fill human medical needs in a cost-effective manner