Realizing the potential of device technologies in cardiovascular and orthopaedic medicine

BioStar Capital represents a unique collaboration between experienced investment professionals – the firm’s Managing Directors – and practicing clinicians with global reputations as medical thought leaders, who serve the firm as Medical Venture Partners (MVPs). 


This unusual combination of investment and clinical expertise, along with extensive industry relationships, helps BioStar Capital capture unique deal flow and defines the way it selects portfolio companies, the role it plays in optimizing product development, and its success in identifying potential acquisition partners.


BioStar Capital continues to refine its focus on medical device innovations for cardiology and orthopaedics. Within these specialties, Capital looks for technologies that:


  • Have clear regulatory pathways and defined reimbursement strategies

  • Are of interest to large medical companies (strategics in the space)

  • Address unmet physician/patient clinical need and/or economic need

  • Have the potential to improve quality of life and longevity or fill human medical needs in a cost-effective manner


Once a prospective portfolio company is identified, the MVPs are heavily involved in the due diligence process, assessing device design, clinical attributes, market potential, IP position, and competitive advantages. If an investment is made, one or more MVPs will assume an advisory role, leveraging decades of scientific knowledge, clinical expertise, and patient care delivery experience to provide guidance on strategic direction, product design, and exit strategy.

BioStar Capital Encourages Entrepreneurs to Apply for Funding

"The firm has invested in more than 30 medical device companies to support the development of promising medical technologies that may fulfill unmet clinical needs, ultimately improving the quality of patients’ lives."


- Louis Cannon, MD, Founder and
Senior Managing Director