Realizing the potential of device technologies in cardiovascular and orthopaedic medicine

For nearly two decades, BioStar Capital has been at the forefront of investing in disruptive cardiovascular and orthopaedic medical technologies. The BioStar team combines the insight of experienced investment professionals with the expertise of world-renowned medical thought leaders in clinical practice to attract unique deal flow, mitigate investment risk, optimize product development, and secure successful exit.


BioStar Capital pursues this vision by ensuring that its strategic investments:
  • Address unmet medical or health economic needs


  • Improve patient care, quality of life, and/or longevity in a cost-effective manner

  • Generate profitable returns for investors


  • Are managed with uncompromising integrity and skill


BioStar Capital Encourages Entrepreneurs to Apply for Funding

BioStar looks for technologies that:
Have clear regulatory pathways and defined reimbursement strategies
Are of interest to major medical device companies (strategics in the space)
Address unmet physician/patient clinical need and/or economic need
Have the potential to improve quality of life and longevity or fill human medical needs in a cost-effective manner